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Visual Storytelling Training .

advanced bikablo® training

Engage people and enable access to topics that are normally dry as a bone! „Visual Storytelling“ brings your complex topics alive. You will transform your topic into an engaging comic strip. With the bikablo®-emotions-figures, big canvases, bikablo® layouts and the right visual dramatic composition you will not only convey your message – You will transform your PowerPoint slide deck in an engaging story and learn how to entertain your audience!

What is it about?

Drawing and storytelling is an ancient culture technique to pass on knowledge from generation to generations. It makes knowledge tangible and enables the listener to have a real experience while listening. In this way it becomes their experience and keeps the knowledge alive.

Today visual storytelling comes back into organisations and has its application in product management, design thinking and at the development of customer journeys. It is used to visualise a product roadmap or the company strategy. It finds application in change management where everyone needs a common understanding to be part of the change process.

Every PowerPoint slide deck can be transformed into an exciting comic strip when decomposing the content to its key elements. The story becomes tangible when telling it from the perspective of a hero. You will learn when and how to use PowerPoint and when better to turn towards the whiteboard or flip chart.

It is important to frame stories in the right context so that the content connects with your organisation or product. In this way we make sure that your story has a lasting value for you. A story is a great start of a conversation and you learn how you can lead a conversation with a story. In this way a change is a co-created result, not a top-down or bottom-up change initiative. You will become a visual leader who inspires others.

„Visual Storytelling“ is the perfect next step to grow your skills set after attending the bikablo® basics (fundamentals/practitioner level) training.

What you can expect.

New drawing technique for figures: You will learn how you can visualise scenarios and emotions by using speech bubbles, pictograms and the bikablo®-emotion-figures. Additionally you will learn how you can draw a real person with character and facial expressions.

»big pictures«: With overlapping and a better understanding of perspectives, text and colour you will develop poster designs so that you will convey your content is a clear way on a big canvas.

Process comics: We have a look at the fundamentals of comics and learn how to visualise a how-to guide, procedures and step-by-step instructions as a sequence of pictures.

Transform your PowerPoint slides: During the training you will work on a PowerPoint slide and transform it into a great visual story.

Use in Change Management: You will learn about interventions so that visual narratives can be used in change management.

Become a storyteller: You will transform your presentation into a living and breathing narrative, that follows a dramaturgical curve. You will draw your story live and involve the audience actively.

Who is it for?

You have participated in the bikablo® basics training and would like to develop your visual skills further.
You want to create better PowerPoint slide decks but don’t know how.
You look for an easy way to explain your topics, key messages and strategies to other people.
You are a leader in your organisation and face the challenge to explain a complex topic effectively to many people.
You work in product management and want to use visual storytelling as a skill to explain your product roadmap in your organisation.
What you will get on top!

Documentation: For your rework at home we will produce a photo documentation online including the input from the trainer and the working results of each learning group.

PDF Handout: Additionally you will get a digital handout about visual storytelling that includes further details around the subject for your own study.

bikablo® Graduates Community: All attendees who have participated in a bikablo® training are getting invited into the online community with lots of tricks and tips, links and recommendations. You are welcome to share your work and ask for feedback. You can exchange icons and key visuals with other people.

Neuland-Discount: Our partner Neuland offers bikablo® graduates a discount for the all products excluding books.

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Upcoming Advanced Trainings

bikablo® Visual Storytelling – Advanced Class (bikablo® basics level required)
June 07, 2017 @ 8:30 am – June 08, 2017 @ 5:00 pm AEDT