Marcel van Hove
Working in Flow .

The waiting snake – High Utilization in the Land of Knowledge Work

The book “Flow”

During the last 3 month I am reading through the book Flow by Donald G. Reinertsen. I had it on my iPad for ages but was too busy to read it. This book belongs definitly to my Top10 of the most enlightening books ever read! I think Donald Reinersten did a great job in bringing Matchs and Product Development together, but he fails in explaining the content to a wider audience like me.

The Waiting snakes

I am reading chapters over and over again to get the full understanding. I thought it would be great to turn a chapter into a little video. This following video is based on the capture about “Queues” that I renamed into “Waiting Snakes”. I added my personal experience as an agile coach and visual facilitator – I hope you have fun watching it!

Watch the video