Marcel van Hove
Working in Flow .

Visualise your work and increase your happiness

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to speak to Jim Benson in Melbourne. We met in a hotel restaurant and talked about why visualisation of invisible knowledge work is so powerful and why it can increase the happiness of you and your co-workers:

We start with giving you an introduction into Personal Kanban and help you to create your own Personal Kanban board. We explore why limiting the work in progress is so powerful and what might happen when you take on to much work at the same time.

Jim shares his favourite stories about “visualisation of work” from places like a hospital in Kenya to a family who uses Personal Kanban to organise the treatment plan of their elderly father.

We talk about why managing workload is so hard and what we can do about it to stay focused.

We finish with a deep dive into the psychology of happiness and why visualisation in companies can help you to stay focused and become a happy team mate.

The waiting snake – High Utilization in the Land of Knowledge Work

The book “Flow”

During the last 3 month I am reading through the book Flow by Donald G. Reinertsen. I had it on my iPad for ages but was too busy to read it. This book belongs definitly to my Top10 of the most enlightening books ever read! I think Donald Reinersten did a great job in bringing Matchs and Product Development together, but he fails in explaining the content to a wider audience like me.

The Waiting snakes

I am reading chapters over and over again to get the full understanding. I thought it would be great to turn a chapter into a little video. This following video is based on the capture about “Queues” that I renamed into “Waiting Snakes”. I added my personal experience as an agile coach and visual facilitator – I hope you have fun watching it!

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