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Marcel van Hove

Learn to draw!

You don't need to be an artist to explain your ideas in a drawing. Visual Facilitation is about explaining your thoughts in text and pictures. Let's reactivate our drawing skills!

You will learn how to create awesome presentations without PowerPoint just with a pen and how to explain your thoughts effectively on a flip chart or whiteboard.

Training Programm

Draw for you!

Every conference, training or team workshop will end! Why not create an unforgettable visual summary of the event. You will remember much more of the event because you were part of the creation process.

Additionally, add the visual summary to your written handout. In this way you combine visual with verbal thinking!

Graphic Recording
Training Room .
Requirements & Setup
Flat walls space. Every participant has 1m of space to draw on!

Flat walls space: Every participant needs 1 meter of wall space to draw on!

Base Requirement

    • Drawing Space: Every participant of the training needs about 1 meter of flat wall space to put flip chart paper up and draw on. Alternatively a flip chart stand for every participant works fine too.


    • Flip Chart Paper: Every participant (and trainer) needs approximately 15 pages of flip chart paper over the length of a 2-days training. For a training of 10 people (plus 2 trainer) we need 180 pages (15 pages x 12 people) . If the training is only one day long 10 pages per attendee will be sufficient.


    • Room Setup: In general, as less furniture in the room as better. We only need a chair for every participant plus two tables (in a corner) for material and catering.


    • Early Access: We need to setup for the training at least 60 minutes before the training. We recommend an early access 90 minutes before the training if possible.


Additional Requirements 

    • Pin boards: To enable quick access and visibility to the bikablo icon cards we recommend to have 1 or 2 pin boards in the room (plus 300 pins) to stick the bikablo icon cards up. In this way the bikablo icons are visible all the time.


    • Two additional flip chart stands: To improve the visibility of the trainer to the students two mobile flip chart stands are recommended so that the trainer is flexible in his/her position to the group.



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I love to visualize!
About me .
Marcel van Hove - Visual Facilitator and Agile Thinker

Marcel van Hove – Visual Facilitator and Agile Thinker


Short Biography of Marcel van Hove
Marcel combines agile team coaching with visual thinking.

Marcel believes that a group of people drawing together on a whiteboard can change the world. He loves high-performing teams and therefore coaches teams everyday.

He likes to share his experience in his trainings, as a speaker at conferences and as the host of a user group.

He produced serveral videos explaining agile practices, principles and lean thinking using visual facilitation technics.

When he is not drawing he loves to meditate and travels around the world.
Contact me .

+61 (0)422582195


103 Hotham Street, EAST MELBOURNE, 3002 VIC
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